Cannabis legalization goes forward in 2016

Whether you agree with it or not, legalization of cannabis is irreversible. In US 4 states have already legalized the recreational use of cannabis and in 2016 several more states will try to pas cannabis-related regulation. Most likely candidates in 2016 to legalize marijuana are Nevada, Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts and Michigan.



Washington to Introduce ‘Pot Clubs’

Well, it was expected. A year ago Washington passed a law allowing the possession but forbidding the selling of marijuana. Then how do you get it? Finally, the talks have started to legalize private marijuana clubs.



$1 billion for Colorado

In 2015 Colorado has reached almost $1 billion in marijuana sales which meant that $135 million went to taxes. Mason Tvert, Marijuana Policy Project communications director express his astonishment: ”it’s remarkable that less than seven years ago, all of that money was being spent in the underground market”.