What about legalization?
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"In the recent 3-4 years there have been several issues that started gaining momentum in the halls of the government all around the world. Gay right and the legalization of marijuana in particular.

Which makes me happy because I am a huge proponent of being able to whatever you want when it comes to your personal life. And to be completely honest, inevitably you start to believe that these issues didn’t just lack attention to get legalized, they were actively blocked for as long as you can. Take marijuana for example. Legalization has all sorts of benefits – collect taxes from shops, eliminate smuggling, instead of incarceration, people stay outside, work and therefore, pay taxes. And who cares what a person does in the comfort of their own home? They can smoke cigarettes, drink any sort of alcohol, do all the freaky stuff in bed but when it comes to marijuana, you run the risk of getting into trouble?

While Holland has legalized marijuana years ago, in Europe no other country has. U.S. on the other hand has been going forward to universally legalized marijuana. In a couple of recent years marijuana has been legalized in several states, namely Washington, Colorado, Alaska and Oregon. Also, double the states haven’t yet legalized cannabis but had implemented laws decriminalizing this substance.

Outside the U.S. there are a number of countries who have laws allowing the possession and use of marijuana. The first one that comes to mind is probably Netherlands that have legalized cannabis since 1961. However, due to recent law changes now tourists are in many cases forbidden to have cannabis products. They are still allowed to visit coffee shops and consume marijuana there.

Also, in 2013 Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalize cannabis in a sense that anyone can grow, use and sell freely.

ome countries in Europe, like Portugal, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and some others have not legalized the recreational use of marijuana but it has been decriminalized therefore users will likely never see jail time for their offences while in many cases there will be no punishment at all.