You probably already know that the main reason why cannabis might be prescribed in U.S. is to deal with the after effects of chemotherapy. I bet you can remember at least one episode of a TV show or animated series that pictured someone being prescribed cannabis because they got cancer. It’s not a myth. The reason for that is of course not because cannabis helps treat cancer. But where is cancer, there chemotherapy which for many means nausea and vomiting. Marijuana helps the patient relax and decreases the nausea symptoms.

But it’s not the only reason or condition when cannabis can be described for medical problems. In a lot of ways medicinal marijuana deals with psychological problems but it can also be prescribed to treat pain, help with dementia among other diseases. Lastly, even though marijuana is used for medical purposes in the U.S. and many other countries around the world, it’s use is still highly controversial. After all, it’s still a drug.

There also has been some research suggesting that cannabis could help patients suffering from epilepsy, glaucoma, Tourette’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s and more. Not to say that it’s a suitable treatment for any type of conditions.

a. Cancer

As mentioned before, cannabis can help with nausea and vomiting after the chemotherapy. But you may already know that smoking, which includes cannabis, is one of the leading causes for cancer. So, it won’t stop you from getting cancer but for someone who has it, it can help a lot.


There have been a number of studies analyzing the effects of cannabis on AIDS patients. Even though there is no conclusive evidence yet, there are suggestions that cannabis can help with AIDS caused Anorexia.

c. Diabetes

Several studies since 2010 have suggested that consuming marijuana slows down the rate of cell damage in Type 1 diabetes patients.

d. Neurological problems

Some neurological problems include multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, anxiety, etc. Although studies have shown some promising results, the treatment of neurological symptoms with cannabis is still inconclusive.

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