An indoor grow show doesn’t really have a clear definition. Some grow shops focus mainly on distribution of seeds, others try to offer a full range of services from offering seeds to equipment, fertilizers and more. Let me tell you, if you are planning on opening a grow shop, it’s not going to be easy. Supply, security, monitoring – these are just a few issues that demand incredible attention if you want to open a grow shop. And yet, in Colorado alone marijuana grow shops and dispensaries lead the most popular fast-food restaurants 2 to 1. Some grow shops, like Amsterdam-based or Spain's are available online. It still means that you have to obey your country’s laws when it comes to purchasing marijuana-related products but if you are planning to open up your own shop, it can give you some ideas about what people look for. You can sell lamps, tents, etc. but as a grow shop you would probably focus on selling cannabis seeds and that is strictly regulated by law.